Brand Identity | Client: Airfield Estate Dublin
Brief: To refresh and re-energise the Airfield brand; to move away from a conservative look and feel and towards a more natural, warm and multi-functional contemporary approach. The team at Airfield Estate have a vision, their goal being to get themselves on the map in people’s minds as a great place to visit with something for everyone no matter what decade they were born in. Their mission is to get the message across that Airfield Estate is not only a working farm in the city with 38 acres, but also a state of the art heritage experience, a restaurant with great fresh farm food, with lots of different event and educational spaces set amongst beauiful and functional gardens for everyone to enjoy. Oh and it’s a charitable trust.

Logo update: Rather than discard the old logo in the spirit of the Overend sisters who inspired it we decided to build on it. We scraped the logo sub heading ‘a gift of nature’ in favour of calling it what it is; airfield estate. We added a strip of colour to help highlight each of the four basic elements of the estate. this adds an immediate clarity and in answer to the brief adds a more contemporary dimension to the logo.

New brand literature: 
Office/shop stationary, membership brochure, primary and post primary educational brochure, corporate gatherings brochure, visitor guide leaflet & map, signage, restaurant menus, comment cards, press adverts, postcards digital web banners, ezines and social media posts for varies campaigns.
Above: The Airfield Estate membership brochure was designed to stand out. The cover is bold in colour and simple in design featuring a large M cutout front. Inside pages feature information on the estate, photography aswell as the membership application form.
Above: Sample illustration poster work for Airfield Estate. The style is loosely based on a set of info-graphical icons I created for the estate which also feature in a lot of their information leaflets and booklets.
Above: 'A gift of membership' campaign image. The layout presented here is in e-zine format. I also rolled this out in various sizes for web and print.
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