FaIlte Ireland Marketing Toolkit
BrIef: This is the 2015 second edition of the Sales Connect Tool Kit I designed for Failte Ireland. I also designed the first edition in 2012. The information contained in this 165 guide is somewhat of an marketing bible for Irish businesses hoping to attract tourism sales. The toolkit concentrated on targeting 5 key markets, notably the U.S, Britain, France, Germany and Spain. The toolkit is sub-dived into three sections - 
Step 1: A detailed analysis of each key market.
Step 2: Understanding tourism distribution channels.
Step 3: Building relationships & promoting your business overseas.
FaIlte Ireland Annual Reports  
There is probably no good reason for me to drag you through the highs and lows of how I went about designing an annual report (or two or three) for Failte Ireland. We all know what it takes; attention to detail and lots of coffee. Thanks to Indesign tables and paragraph style sheets it turned out to be a nifty number on more than one occasion with the Failte Ireland Annual Report 2013, 2014 and 2015.
FaIlte Ireland Lakelands Activity Pack  
This was such a fun packed activity brochure aimed at primary school children of all ages. This great educational brochure promoting the Lakelands region in the North West of the country is full of great photography, illustrations and features fun facts about Irelands waterways with brain teasers and pop quiz panels throughout. The brochure was very well received by a tough audience of 7-12 year olds throughout the region and beyond.

FaIlte Ireland Wild Atlantic Way  
In 2015 Failte Ireland placed a special emphasis in promoting Irelands ‘Wild Atlantic Way’. Much like 2016’s campaign promoting Ireland’s ‘Ancient East’, the Wild Atlantic Way campaign enjoyed huge success in the Irish tourist market. Below is just a section of the printed material I produced for Failte Ireland. Top image depicts the front folded 24 panel Z fold road map leaflet I designed as part of this campaign. Each panel is dedicated to a specific beauty spot along the Wild Atlantic Way route. The leaflet folds out into an A1 size National Ordinance survey map on the back. 

The second image below is of an A4 Trade Manual - a fantastic information guide for any group organiser detailing large capacity attractions, accommodation and travel options along the Wild Atlantic Way route.
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