Napa Restaurant | London
This is an old logo I created way back in 2007 for a restaurant in London. Although it's an old boot at this stage I still really love it so I have included in my portfolio. 

BrIef: Create a brand identity for the main restaurant in the Chiswick Moran Hotel, West London. The restaurant serves a fusion of classic British dishes and contemporary Californian cuisine with bold flavours in a fun and upbeat atmosphere.

Logo Rationale: Inspired by the rolling hillside vineyards of California this logo combines hand drawn text with subtle rounded edges with carefully balanced letter spacing topped by a ridge outline of the Vaca mountain range in the Napa valley, California.

Logo ApplIcatIon & Creative Marketing Suite:
Signage - Menus - Comment cards - Business cards - Press adverts - Postcards - Digital banners - E-zines 
Above: Embossed Napa restaurant lunch club card
Above: Napa restaurant 'Food Glorious Food' outdoor signage
Above: Napa restaurant marketing literature
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