Around one-fifth of Unilever worldwide sales are channelled through ten major retail chains. Unilever products are also sold through a more diverse group of distributors, wholesalers and millions of small independent retail outlets. Working for Marketing By Design, one of the biggest contractors of BTL activation for Unilever in Ireland, was a real eye opener as to the shear volume of artwork required and the creatively involved in tailoring to a specific market on the ground from small FSDUs in pharmacies to entire in store aisle takeovers of supermarkets nationwide.

Below are some examples of work I produced for various Unilever in store activations.
Above: Some Dove Derma Spa in store activation elements and some educational wobblers for to advertising a packaging redesign of Dove Summer products.
Above: Tresemme Beautiful Volume in store point of sale application.
Above: Window of the collaboration project I headed up between Persil & Comfort (Unilever) and Mothercare (pictured above: window Stephen's Green Shopping Centre). This project required shop window graphics and props which encourages mothers to wash their baby clothes with Persil and Comfort. This campaign went nationwide to all Mothercare stores.
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